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Welcome!  I’m Kirk Stanzel, a life member of the PGA of America and a resident of
Hot Springs Village.  Since moving here in 2006 I’ve been involved in the Hot Springs Village Junior Golf Program and the Adult Golf clinic.  I worked and taught at Diamante Country Club.  I now give private golf instructions at HILL COUNTRY GOLF, which is located 1/4 mile south of the west gate of HSV on Hy 7.

My method of teaching golf can be divided into three parts:  knowledge, mechanics, and scoring.  I believe if a student has a solid understanding of all of these, their chances of reaching their personal goals and maximizing their enjoyment of the game is greatly enhanced.

I have come to believe that even though there are many ways to get a student to hit a shot better, there are no short cuts when it comes to the fundamentals of the golf swing.   In the long run, the foundation of the swing must be sound or the student is going to struggle and never reach a higher level of proficiency and enjoyment.  Does this mean starting all over with a person’s swing?  Absolutely not!  If you are able to play golf at all, you are doing more things right, by far, than you are doing wrong.  What usually happens to golfers whose game has deteriorated is that they have developed some bad habits which are really fundamental flaws in their swing.   Luckily, these flaws are usually correctable once they have been identified.

This is where I come into the picture.  I specialize in teaching beginners, juniors and what I like to call “more experienced” golfers –often referred to as senior golfers.  My enjoyment comes from seeing my students realize their goals and enhancing the FUN of the game.

Since 1980 I have been able to attend many clinics and workshops with some of the most outstanding teachers in the game . . . Hank Haney, Butch Harmon, Paul Runyan, Dave Pelz, Jack Flick and Dr. Bob Rotella.  These are just some of the instructors who have influenced my teaching philosophy.  Because  I have a life long love of the game,  I continue to read and observe all I can to learn and improve my own skills and those of my students.

I must also mention a few PGA Club Professionals from Iowa and Nebraska who have played a big part in my thoughts on teaching . . . Tony Pesavento, Omaha Country Club, J. D. Turner of Savannah Georgia and Turner Golf Group, Larry Gladson of Elmcrest Country Club, Cedar Rapids, Ia. and John Bermel, University of Northern Iowa Men and Women’s Golf coach.   Again, these are just a few and there are many more who have influenced my teaching in a positive way.

Please give me a call if your goal is to start playing golf, improve your game or recapture some of the skills you once possessed.  You will also notice that I offer a “partner’s program” and a discounted lesson fee for  junior golfers.


“Lessons are not to take the place of practice but to make practice worthwhile.”

….. Harvey Penick

” Just let it happen. Don’t try to hit the ball far. Instead develop a feeling that the ball is going to go a long way without you really trying. And sure enough, it will. ”

….. Byron Nelson

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Working with Kirk Stanzel on my golf swing has been a dream come true. His earthy, down home Midwestern manner of teaching has made the experience worth the effort. He certainly knows of what he speaks. I would definitely recommend a visit!

Jon E.Jacobson
Blue Springs, Mo.

My girlfriend, Bridget, and I - both non-golfers, decided to take some golf lessons. We wanted to be able to spend more time with our husbands on the golf course.

Kirk taught us not only how to hit the ball but also how to conduct ourselves on the golf course. He gave us the confidence to play the game. His patience and sincerity really made the experience worthwhile.

Mary Lou Marcuzzo
Papillion, Ne.

Dear Kirk,

Just wanted you to know that I haven't enjoyed hitting golf balls that much in a long time! As you know I've struggled with my swing for a while but you helped me to lighten my grip pressure, make a better turn, and be more conscious of my alignment. Thanks!

Bob Hoffmann
Hot Springs Village, Ar.

Kirk has worked with the Junior Golf Program of Hot Springs Village for the past two years. His devotion to the program and to teaching the Juniors is outstanding and on target with the goals of the Junior Golf Association. Kirk knows how to teach and how to make it fun. He has my personal recommendation.

Bill Veal,
Founder and one of the
many volunteers of the
Junior Golf Association
Hot Springs Village, AR

Kirk, I'm nominating you as Golf Coach of the Year. I play so much better when I adhere to your advice. Sunday I shot a 75 from the whites and today I shot a 77 from the blues. Of course, to keep me humble and to show I really need to pay attention to your advice, I shot an 89 at a different course in between. It was 48-41 so on the back nine I remembered your advice.

By the way, I now take a slow baseball swing as part of my pre-shot routine just to reinforce the weight shift. I even saw one of my playing partners doing it today!

Dick Seitz
Oakland, TN